Your partner & supplier for your piping, construction & building materials needs

Established in 1985 and based in Johor Bahru, we are one of the largest and most reputable piping and construction building materials supplier in the region.

At Kenyin Hardware, we pride ourselves on partnerships. We’ve forged long lasting relationships with quality manufacturers, as well as hardware dealers, plumbers, builders, and contractors throughout Malaysia; built upon our company’s reputation and commitment to operate our business with integrity and reliability.

Our core businesses:

  • Piping & Hardware
  • Building Materials

We continue to strive on our company mission to always meet our customers’ needs for quality materials, providing full technical support and ensuring logistical needs are met.

Piping and Hardware

Kenyin was first setup specializing in the supply of sanitary piping and hardware products. Over the years we have built a lasting and long-withstanding reputation as a key distributor of sanitary, plumbing, fire protection and industrial products in the region.

Even though we have expanded into other areas of supply, we still maintain our portfolio of sanitary products and our position as one of the most established supplier in Johor.

Piping System and Hardware

  • Piping
  • Fittings
  • Valves
  • Accessories
  • Hardware
  • Tanks

Building Materials

Our building materials division work closely with manufacturers and contractors from tender stage to completion of projects, ensuring that materials are supplied on time and adhering to specifications.

Since the setup of this division, we have grown into one of the major suppliers in Johor. With our own fleet of trucks and warehousing space of more 2 acres, we have the capacity and resources to support most of your construction needs.

Refer to our products pages for more information on the range of products we offer.

Building Materials

  • Steel Products
  • Wood Products
  • Mortar, Drymix, Quarry
  • Bricks, Blocks & Pavers
  • Precast
  • Door & Window
  • Roofing
  • Construction Chemicals / Finishing
  • Tiling and Ceiling

Import and Export

With our continual expansion, we are increasing our network across international boundaries by reaching out to overseas suppliers and customers.

Our team is continuously seeking out and exploring opportunities with our existing and new partners from the region to develop new markets. Feel free to drop us an email for any enquiries or intentions to explore a business relationship with us.